About Olive Trees

Why we trim the Field Grown Olive Trees

When Buying a full grown Olive Tree you are gaining the time it takes to mature, 20 plus years for an Olive Tree to form bark. It can take 25 to 50 plus years for them to become Gnarly (bumpy/rutted) with Nooks and Crannies that make them so distinct and full of Character.

So, contrary to popular belief when looking for a Tree don't worry about the amount of foliage on the Trees now... instead, look at the burling, shape and structure of the Tree. Don't worry it will grow an abundance of Foliage (actual benefit of the trimming) ...after-all, it's a Tree, all it knows how to do is grow!

Also, over time the Trees develop suckers and deadwood...you are better off letting us thin-out the Tree and save a couple of years time and some money before you need to hire a Tree Trimmer.

When the Trees are excavated, we cannot get the entire root-ball (did you know a trees' root system can be the same size as the tree?)...you would be required to dig a 20 feet by 20 feet planting Hole and it would weigh 20,000 pounds or more as well. The average field grown Olive Tree weighs 5,000 pounds plus, so by thinning-out the Tree and removing non-essential limbs improves the Trees transplanting survival. Less foliage equals, less roots needed to supply water to the limbs and leaves.

After the Tree is planted it should be watered thoroughly...hold off watering again for 2 to 3 weeks until the Tree has time to re-root...if over watered in the beginning, there is a risk of rotting the old roots and the Tree will suffer, maybe even die.

 I am the honored olive tree,
Wherever I may find my home,
My fruit will surely grow,
And deep into my great old age,
I find no shame in labor.
-- Author unknown

Vincent Van Gogh    "The Olive Trees"   1889

Olive Tree Varieties

    Manzanillo Olive
    30 to 70 years old plus, Gnarly with distinctive character 
    Ascolano Olive
    These are the best looking landscape trees of the fruiting variety 

    Sevillano Olive
    Very old 25 feet tall (only a few left) – Possible new grove 
    of very large 100 year old Mission Trees
    Fruitless Olive
    Ideal for Ornamental gardens

         "The Olive Tree is surely the richest gift of heaven."
                                   --Thomas Jefferson

Olive Oil Production

                • 1 Mature Olive Tree can produce an average
                   of 1 gallon of Olive Oil or more (depending
                   on size of Tree)
                • 1 Mature Olive Tree produces 50 to 250 
                   pounds of Olives (average larger trees have
                   produced as much as 400 pounds of Olives)
                • 11 pounds of Olives generates one liter of 
                   Olive Oil
                • 40-50 pounds of Olives generates 1 gallon
                   of Olive Oil

Peel and smash garlic slightly. Tear the herbs, bruising the
leaves to release the essential oils. Place the herbs and the
garlic into a mason jar  and place in a cool dark place (cupboard)
for 10 -14 days...strain out the solids to help keep the oil fresher,
longer ...transfer to decorative bottles or cruet if desired...great for
many uses including salad dressings and sautéing.

Herb suggestions (or any favorite Herb): 1 cup Fresh Basil or 4
sprigs Fresh Rosemary or 4 sprigs Fresh Tarragon
Optional: Add Chipotle Chili Pods

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