The Lowest priced Full Grown Olive Trees in California!
All you need to do is dig a hole!...This is an Amazing Deal - Dont Miss Out!
Includes: - FREE Crane Service - 1 Year 100% Replacement Guarantee
Trees are Large, Old Gnarly and full of Character, 20 foot tall by 15 plus foot wide Beauties!

Why Amazing Olive Trees?...No other Tree offers the benefits or character as Olive Trees...throughout history Olive Trees are revered in Novels, Mythology, the Bible and Koran. When Noah was searching for land it was an Olive branch the Dove returned with, it has a multitude of uses for food and is a fine hardwood used in furniture...ancient rulers had idols carved from this sacred wood...seeds from the Olive were found in King Tut's tomb. It is said to be a gesture of good luck and protection to gift (or plant) an Olive Tree as a housewarming offering celebrating a new home...Fung Shui, deems positive energy and protection from the Olive Tree as well.

It's Amazing that Olive Trees can live 500 years or more, although found predominately in the Mediterranean they adapt well to most climates.

It's Amazing that you can literally rip a 100 year old Olive Tree out of the ground, (cutting off 80% of its roots) put it on a truck, travel 1,000's of miles and replant it without any transplant shock!...That's Amazing indeed!...any other Tree would die within a weeks' time!

That's why we are called "Amazing Olive Trees!"...We are a provider of "Amazing Olive Trees...for Distinctive Gardens!"

"The true meaning of life is to plant trees under whose shade you do not expect to sit." -- Nelson Henderson

Amazing Olive Trees

All you do is dig a hole!...Hole must be 7' x 7' feet
wide and 2 1/2' feet deep, Trees are fully
(Not-on - Trees planted in Lawns within first 6 months)

Other Growers may offer lower prices, but none offer
(Crane Boom has a 43' foot reach)
- No Minimum Order -
We will Deliver *One Tree from San Francisco to San Diego
*Providing we have other deliveries in your area

Nurseryman/Landscaper Certified with over 35 years experience, specializing in Residential and Commercial installations.

There are over 2,000 outstanding Trees to choose from, let us know what you are looking for...and we will send you photos and let you choose your Trees!...Or come up to Rancho Visalea and personally choose your trees from our fields yourself.

The larger Trees available can be: Single Trunks, Low Branching and Multiple Trunks...all shapes and sizes!

Need to match a tree?...send photos and we will match it!



What is a Full Grown Olive Tree?, it is exactly what its name says it is…an Olive Tree that was planted in a Field or Grove for Olive and Olive Oil production…over time the property out values harvesting Olives, so the owner will Sell the property for Residential or Commercial development…it is more cost effective to sell the Trees rather than cut them down, hauled or burned (actually it is mutually profitable). Moreover, it Saves Trees and Recycles at the same time! 

Why would you buy a Full Grown Olive Tree versus a Nursery Grown Container-Tree?...There are many reasons why this is a great deal;

    • Olive Trees are SLOW growing, so you almost never find anything in a Container-Tree that compares to field grown Trees character.

    • It takes 30 to 100 years for an Olive Tree to develop the Gnarly Trunks that gives them their beauty and character.

    • With a full grown Olive Tree that is 25’ to 40’ foot tall you only need to dig the hole 2 1/2’ foot deep and 7' x 7’ foot wide. Compared to a 24’ foot tall Tree in a box would require a 84” to 96” Container, so you would need to dig a hole 8’ to 10’ foot deep and wide (whew, that’s a huge hole).

    • Container-Tree customer would be required (not the Grower) to obtain a “Heavy-Load” permit.

    • Container-Tree customer would be required to hire a Crane or large piece of equipment to off-load their trees.

    • Container-Trees are NOT Guaranteed…
Amazing Olive Trees have Replacement Guarantee for a full year!

Additionally, one of our customers recently contacted a Container-Tree Grower to compare price/size and availability. Even the Container-Trees Wholesale prices are considerably higher;

            • 70% more for a 20’ foot tall 84’ inch Box, Plus $750 Shipping
            • 75% more for a 23’ foot tall 96’ inch Box, Plus $750 Shipping

You would expect the $750.00 shipping would also include the Permits or (they would at least do the Permit legwork?) And just when you thought you could not get a worse deal, the trees aren’t even guaranteed!  

 "Except for the vine, there is no plant which bears a fruit of as great importance, as the olive." -- Pliny (AD 23-79)

At Amazing Olive Trees, we treat you right. We offer 70 year-old-plus Full Grown Olive Trees, 22’ to 23’ feet tall, including lots of character.

• You receive the Tree including; Up to 2 hours FREE
  Crane Service and Permits if required, we handle it.

 • All you need to do is dig a hole 2 1/2’ feet deep and
7’ x 7' feet wide, we do the rest!

• Our Full Grown have Replacement Guarantee for one year!


  • No other Growers include the Services, Prices or Quality that 
    Amazing Olive Trees offers!

  • Shop around for yourself and when you are ready for a
    tree that will thrive and you will love, contact us

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